Municipal Services Delivery Program (MSDP), Sindh

The U.S. Government announced a new partnership with the Government of Sindh to improve delivery of municipal services such as solid waste disposal, drinking water supply, education, road construction, and health services i.e. began a five-year Municipal Service Delivery Program with $10 million in initial funding. ASP-RSPN has been mandated by USAID to carry out the Capacity Building of Municipal Services Delivery Program (MSDP), Sindh, which is currently in progress. This capacity building exercise requires the ‘Pre-Obligation’ as well as the ‘Post-Obligation’ requirements to be met, which include:


• PC-I Formulation
   o Estimation of infrastructure costs
   o Drafting the TORs of key staff
   o Preparation of draft PC-I
   o Workshops with related government and USAID officials to incorporate their ideas/suggestions
   o Amend and finalize the draft PC-I as per the stakeholders’ comments
   o Approval of the final PC-I

• Manual Framework Preparation: Need Assessment, M&E, Procurement & Financial Management
   o Review of the current policies and procedures and assessment findings
   o Review of best practices in the area at other institutions
   o Conduct meetings and carryout focus group discussions    
   o Preparation, approval and submission of these frameworks
   with PC-1


• On Job Technical Training and Assistance
   o Assist MSDP in staff recruitment
   o Initiate baseline and need assessment of the MSDP
   o Review all manuals and frameworks vis-à-vis approved PC-I
   o Development of Process and SOPs for Program Support Unit (PSU) and implementation teams
   o Training of the newly hired staff at the MSDP
   o Provide clarification on roles and responsibilities vis-à-vis project implementation strategy
   o Development of instruments and tools to regulate implementation strategy
   o Submission of final report to USAID